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Update by user Apr 27, 2012

I will not be trying to remove or update until Used Car World on Saw Mill Run Blvd, in Pittsburgh Pa., reimburses me the monies owed.I have also sent pictures to and the BBB (who has also sent them the pictures with no reply as of 4/27/2012) Which the BBB has also sent the evidence to the \"dealership\".

If anyone would like to see \"what you get\", if you choose to deal with this \"auto dealership\" please see for yourself.

Free speech is a wonderful thing.I will update a positive remark if the dealership chooses to do the right thing and not say this is a \"warranty issue\", but a \"dealership shouldn\'t have sold with electrical tape in the engine coils which sit atop of the spark plugs (hence spark..plugs) that could potentially catch fire while driving your family or reset the in dash screen just to get the car off the lot so it can be sold asap\" issues.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2012

Like electrical tape holding a coil in your engine??Neither did I, but that's what was sold to me.

A cadillac SRX with two cracked engine coils, a reset computer in dash screen (detects problems in the car, so it could be sold) and electrical tape in the engine which cost me almost $420 to fix in order for the car to run properly. I sent pictures to the BBB and the business is a "warranty issue". Um NO IT IS A ELECTRICAL TAPE IN THE ENGINE OF THE CAR YOU SOLD ME ISSUE!!

I have sent pictures to the BBB in response to Used Car Inc., on Saw Mill Run Blvd in Pittsburgh Pa.They can see the cracked/broken coils, and see this was not a warranty issue but a "Hey let's get this car outta here before we have to reset the computer again and it shows what's wrong in the engine", issue!

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